Oct 17, 2016


I'm so excited to tell you guys about my Etsy page I have started! I decided that I have too many beautiful images just sitting around so I wanted to share them. I started a Etsy page where you can buy some of my digital art easily. (Don't forget you can always buy images by just contacting me also).

I love food and I love food photography. For my own kitchen decorations I have been taking food photos to match with every season. You can now purchase those seasonal digital downloads on my Etsy page. In my kitchen I just have boards hanging, and with every changing season I can just switch out my pictures to really keep the mood of the season at the time. Feel free to check out the page.

To celebrate the new fall season batch I am giving out a coupon to my great blog followers. It is usable through November, 30% off, and works on any of my Etsy products.

Coupon code- fallseasonblog


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