Dec 5, 2016


I'm super exited to tell you that I was approached by a big blog and asked to do a feature of myself on there! It's on their blog now! :)

Nov 17, 2016


I'm super excited to say that the Christmas season photography bundle is in the etsy shop! So now you can have the autumn one and winter! Just trade them out of the frames with every season. Easiest seasonal home decoration!

etsy shop-

**** If you don't have an etsy account or you just don't want to buy it through etsy I will also just email you the digital files if you just contact me and we can do it through PayPal.****

and if you haven't seen the autumn collection here it is...

Speaking of holiday....... DON'T forget to use the holiday card discount code AND free shipping from

Oct 31, 2016

HALLOWEEN || headshots

I love Halloween and get so excited every time I see the decorations and such come out! So This year I was really in the mood to do just a fun Halloween shoot and I found the perfect model! She did this amazing makeup and it was exactly what I was looking for! So much Fun! Loved doing this!
Sorry there are a bunch.... I liked too many of them... and they each had just their own little twist...

Oct 20, 2016

ANDERSEN || family

Loved the beautiful scenery while doing this shoot! The leaves were amazing! And who can resist that adorable smile on this little guy?

 Look at this little guy and his poses!