Jul 19, 2016

OREGON COAST 2 || landscape

Here is part two of the Oregon trip to Lincoln City...





 Since I was little I have LOVED raccoons. Look at this adorable guy I found sneaking out of the garage when I got back from taking photos! He didn't look as excited to see me....

Jul 16, 2016

OREGON COAST 1 || lifestyle

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! I'm so sorry it only took me almost two months to get these all edited... there were just so many it was super hard to pick where to start. If you haven't been following I had the opportunity to go on a week long family trip to the Oregon Coast (Lincoln City). It was soooo beautiful making it so hard to leave!

There were so many I had to split them into two posts.. so this one is mostly lifestyle. The next one will be landscapes.

No better time to go to the beach than when it's raining...

So thankful for Pesto's amazing babysitter who stayed with him the whole week!! He loves her and she was good enough to keep me posted on how he was doing. She knew how hard of a time I was having leaving him. :)